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Introducing Traxo Hotels — Just for You

Still looking for that perfect hotel for your next trip?

Our new Traxo Hotels offering makes it super simple to find your ideal hotel, because we curate our recommendations based on input from the leading expert — you.

Our team was tired of scrolling through endless pages of choices each time we needed a hotel, and muddling our way through the one-size-fits-all recommendations from other websites. In reality, there were only a handful of options that were really relevant, based on which loyalty programs we each belong to, our favorite hotels, past trips, and recommendations from our friends. Why does anyone need another 50 hotels cluttering the page?? More is NOT better.

For example, I happen to be a Kimpton and Starwood gal, so I’m always going to look for those options first. I also tend to stay in the center of the action wherever I go. Andres is more of a Marriott guy, and stays closer to the airport for his frequent business trips. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the search engine KNEW that, and curated our results accordingly?

Why should we both see the same set of hotel recommendations, when we’re very different travelers?

Enter Traxo Hotels, powered by the Traxo Factor Intelligence Engine.


Whenever you have an upcoming trip but haven’t yet booked a hotel, the Traxo Factor engine will suggest up to 10 hotel options based on your specific travel profile:

• Loyalty program affiliations
• Past hotel stays
• Your hotel ratings & reviews
• And more!

Additionally, if there are any hot deals available, Traxo “Factors” that in, too (see what we did there??)

We’ve partnered with the Expedia Affiliate Network to ensure you get the best selection and best prices – guaranteed.

And with TripAdvisor hotel reviews, you get the inside scoop from other fellow travelers.

No other website makes hotel shopping this fast, easy, and truly personalized. It’s another way Traxo is helping you,

Travel Organized.

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Traxo for Business is Live

It’s been busy at Traxo HQ since announcing our Series A funding round. We have a roadmap chalk full of updates and upgrades; but our first rollout is for our business partners. In June we announced a partnership with SAP® Cloud for Travel, using Traxo’s itinerary management technology to provide fast and easy travel expense reporting for bookings made outside of a company’s traditional corporate travel booking tool. Since then, SAP has seen a significant increase in customer volume and reporting efficiency.

Today we offer the greater travel industry this and much more, with Traxo for Business. Now anyone in a travel-related business that is in need of itinerary management can better service their customers, with Traxo White Label and API solutions.

This robust new offering will provide businesses the ability to manage users’ travel itineraries, help them keep track of their loyalty programs, and compile more trip data than ever before. Version 2 of the Traxo API is a single travel platform with endless possibilities: keep track of employee travel, provide broader customer service, and even quantify your marketing efforts. We can’t wait to see what our customers develop.

In addition to SAP, we’re also excited to announce LesConcierges as a Traxo for Business launch partner. As the leader in global concierge services, having accurate and timely insight into its members’ travel plans is critical to LesConcierges’ mission to provide superior support. Tapping into the Traxo for Business API solution enables them to consolidate their members’ travel itineraries in one place, so concierges agents can provide faster, more relevant customer service.

Traxo for Business is just the first of many new features to come, so keep in touch! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news.

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Get started with Traxo for Business

To better travels!

Traxo hits major milestone, raises $4.2 Million

It’s official! We’re excited to announce the close of our Series A funding round, led by a fantastic group of investors including Advantage Capital Partners, Silver Creek Ventures, and Thayer Ventures. What has been a long labor of love is now primed and ready to grow to new heights.

When we started Traxo back in 2009, we saw an opportunity to bring some sanity to a highly fragmented and frustrating process. It used to be, you’d have a trusted travel agent to handle all the dirty details for you – and you’d just show up, get on your flight, and enjoy your trip. With the proliferation of new travel sites and mobile apps, you get the benefit of better customizing your own trip experience – but also the drawback of having to organize it all yourself.

Travel is indeed a complicated experience with lots of moving parts, but it doesn’t have to make you crazy. What we’ve been able to build over the past few years, with the support of our investors and a stellar team, is helping to take some of the chaos out of the process and make it a seamless – even enjoyable – experience again.

We’re so thrilled that the teams at Advantage, Silver Creek, and Thayer recognize the value of what we’ve been up to, and are willing to partner with us to continue to enhance our offering. Our team is working on some pretty incredible and truly innovative new products that we can’t wait to share. We’ve got a lot up our sleeve, so keep watching this space!

Of course, we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of our friends, families, customers, and partners – so a very sincere thank you for believing in us, working with us, and providing the necessary feedback to continue to make Traxo even better.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store! Here’s the original press release announcing our new round of funding.

Travel better,
The Traxo Team

Introducing the New Traxo iOS Mobile App

We are excited to announce the release of our new iOS mobile app that will allow our users to have seamless access to all their itinerary details and travel loyalty accounts on the go via their favorite Apple mobile devices. And best of all, it’s FREE!

iPhone App iPhone App

The new app offers:
- A smooth and intuitive interface with automatically updated itineraries
- Swipe-through, easy-access cards that provide flight, hotel, rental car and activities information at your fingertips
- Daily tracking of your loyalty account balances, expiration dates, and elite statuses
- Access to vital contact information you need during your trip
- Tap-through addresses to destination maps for easy navigation while traveling.

Simply forward confirmation emails to or connect your most used travel account to Traxo and we seamlessly aggregate and organize your flight information, hotel reservations, car rentals, restaurants reservations, ground transportation, trains, cruises, ferries, and more, straight on your iOS device. No searching is required for that next reservation: Traxo knows what’s coming up next, and serves it automatically.

Miles and points are now even easier to track with Traxo for iOS. Add loyalty accounts just once, and Traxo maintains a secure connection to your favorite programs to sync your account numbers and point balances to your device, ensuring you’re never fumbling for critical information while on the go.

iPhone App iPhone App

Traxo is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch here. We are currently working on our Android app which will be launching later this year. Sign up for free at

Traxo Adds Support for 20 New Sites

You asked and we listened! In order to allow our users to conveniently track all of the points and miles that they’ve worked hard to earn, we’ve just added support for the twenty new websites below. With the addition of these new sites, Traxo now supports a grand total of 190 websites. You can see the full list of supported sites or link a new site to your Traxo account here.

Our Newly Added Websites:

Brussels Airlines
Montenegro Airlines (Vision Team)
Royal Air Maroc (Safar Flyer)
Air Nigeria (EagleFlier)
Era Alaska (FlyAway Rewards) (My Jet2)
Ural Airlines (Wings)
Air Italy (Hi-Fly)
Disney Cruise Line (Castaway Club)
Carnival Cruises (VIFP Club)
Azamara Cruises
RIU Hotels & Resorts (Club RIU)
Trump Card (Privileges Program)
SNCF (Voyageur)
RBC Rewards
Royal Caribbean Visa Card (Rewards)
AIRMILES Opinions Panel by Research Now

If you have a website that you would like us to add, please contact us with the name of the website.

Picture1 members, Welcome to the Traxo Family!

We are pleased to announce that Traxo has joined forces with our friends at GoMiles, another fantastic website that also provides tools and services to frequent travelers. All GoMiles users have been automatically migrated to Traxo, and can begin taking advantage of Traxo’s extensive trip organization and frequent flyer mileage protection tools, effective immediately. GoMiles users will be able to continue to manage their frequent flyer accounts in the usual way but will also be able to tap into Traxo’s suite of travel organization tools and start building their Traxo Travel Score.

“We are excited about integrating the unique capabilities of GoMiles into Traxo, and are committed to serving GoMiles users with the high level of service that they have come to expect,” said Andres Fabris, CEO of Traxo.

“We know this is an opportunity to deliver even greater value to GoMiles users” said Michael Komarnitsky, CEO of GoMiles. “Traxo’s trip-organization capabilities are unmatched in the industry, and GoMiles users will be able to leverage these features to take more control of their trips and their frequent flyer miles.”

To get started, GoMiles members can obtain a new Traxo password by following this link and entering the same email address that they used to log into GoMiles in the past. All data should be updated within 24 hours after their first login to Traxo.

To the thousands of GoMiles members, who have reaped the benefits of taking control over their frequent flyer miles, WELCOME to the expanded Traxo family! You can count on us to listen to your needs and providing you with awesome trip organization features that will help simplify your life and plan better trips.

The Top of the Leaderboard: A Portrait of Traxo’s Top Traveler

Traxo leaderboards Travel Score

Part of our job building one of the largest social, networked platforms for travel is that as developers, we are continuously evaluating and re-evaluating the user experience. And part of this process involves constant reinventing of the tools we use in a way that best facilitates a certain “richness of interaction” within the community.

Introductions of features such as Loyalty tracker, Traxo travel score, and worldwide Travel Leaderboards have been some of the natural results of this process.

Perched atop the rankings on this tenth of October is Leith Stevens, a twenty-something Boulder-based travel entrepreneur. Mr. Stevens maintains a busy schedule flying around the world meeting clients and business partners as CEO of Flextrip, and by the time we had a chance to catch up with the smooth-talking Aussie, he was already making final preparations to fly to Singapore for an industry conference.

Leith has logged over two hundred seven trips and over six hundred thousand miles over the past three years alone. A quick glance at his travel record reveals that he typically spends over half of his time travelling and on the road. You might consider him a true road warrior.

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Traxo adds Travel Leaderboards, see the top ranked travelers in the world

Traxo leaderboards Travel Score

Since the introduction of the travel score, we’ve been enthusiastically gauging the reactions of our members. One comment that we’ve received from our users is that while it was easy to see the scores of your existing buddies on Traxo, there didn’t exist one place to go where you could see the top travelers across the entire network.

We’ve addressed these comments and now allow you to see the top scoring travelers in the world through our new Traxo Leaderboard feature. There are four new travel leaderboards we are announcing today: highest travel score, total countries visited, total states visited, and total number of travel loyalty accounts linked.

The debut of the Traxo leaderboard is truly a milestone, because for the first time ever, you can see how you stack up against virtually, the most-seasoned travelers in the world. Our data-harvesting technology allows us to verify each metric according to actual, confirmed travel reservations rather than self-reported claims. Our top travelers are the real deal, and are backed by real travel credentials.

So what exactly is a top traveler? Well, we see from the top of the Leaderboards that our top nine travelers have already each made validated visits to 20 different countries, seven of our travelers have traveled to more than half the U.S. states, and 34 of our travelers have linked more than 20 of their travel accounts. In fact the most experienced travelers on Traxo have already taken verified trips to 30 different countries, have visited 34 different states, and have linked 34 different travel loyalty accounts. We encourage you to peruse the Leaderboard and see if you or any of your buddies rank among the top ranked travelers.

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So about this monster heat wave terrorizing the East Coast. Four places to beat the heat.

heat wave Traxo

Yes it’s hot out. In fact it’s been sweltering hot in Dallas since Memorial Day. Yet ever since the slowly moving right arm of the current heat monster enveloping practically all of the U.S. south has now slinked its way up the eastern seaboard, dropping our nation’s capital into yet another type of gridlock we call “CLIMATE SHOCK!”, we have been watching the reaction of the myriad news outlets reporting on the sudden weather change with a certain bit of bemusement.

And of course, obviously, the media has been predictably—and laughably—blustery with their pronouncements of late. Pressure cooker! Extreme heat! Heatmageddon! In 54 point red caps and bookended by rotating sirens!

So, back to Dallas, a quick perusal of the recent online status updates of friends in the area indicates business as usual—your normal number of “looking forward to the weekend, doing so-and-so can’t get any better than this”-type posts. However, checking up on my suddenly unlucky friends in the northeast and it appears that all hell has broken loose. “Booking flight to chilie [sic] ASAP!!!!!can’t take this heat anymore!

And while most of us, are unwilling to go to extremes like my friend Mr. Chilie [sic], there are still a few places outside of the super-searing, life-threatening, amoeba of humidity and death, that we can safely seek refuge at, in these doggiest of all dog days. In fact, just to make it easier, I’ve made a handy list right after the jump, of North American destinations that are currently sitting at below their historic July average temperatures. And just to be fair to everyone, I’ve chosen cities that are easily accessible by those sitting in “extreme heat!” in the Midwest, South, as well as Northeast.

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AF on the Radio, Rudy Maxa interviews founder Andres Fabris

Andres Fabris TraxoRudy Maxa World Traxo

Rudy Maxa is a journalist, blogger, and radio host who has a great syndicated show mostly about travel, travel deals, and basically how to get the most out of a limited travel budget. But Rudy Maxa also often has truly informative segments highlighting the beautiful national parks of our jolly good neighbors up north, and highlighting a proposed homeland security initiative outting known child burglars at the checkpoint.

And then sometimes, tucked away, sandwiched in between these two educational segments is an interview with our very own Andres Fabris, CEO. Here he talks a little bit about how Traxo generally works, the technology involved in pulling and aggregating data (“trips are automatically detected and saved”), and what the new Travel Score means for users.

The interview in its entirety can be found here, and the full transcript for the interview can be found after the jump.

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