Who uses the Travel score? free travel perks, how to increase your travel score

Well, a few days have passed since the launch of the Traxo travel score and the response to the new feature we’ve gotten here at Traxo has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We’ve been comparing a wide range of scores here at the Traxo office and the low score of at least one of our guys compared to the others has already motivated him to take a well deserved summer vacation. One thing we’ve noticed is there are primarily three main ways that people view the travel score.

The first and largest group, are those who wish to use the score to identify the experienced travelers in the online community. Traxo travel perksThis includes those who are seeking to offer travel goods and services or those who are counting on the service or advice of others when making travel plans. For example, the carry-on luggage recommendation of a Jetsetter level member, who averages seventy days on the road per year according to our metrics, would be held in much higher regard due to the fact that about a fifth of his or her time each year is spent living out of a suitcase. Along the same line of thinking, someone targeting sales of high end luggage would also love to have that same Jetsetter on board to vouch for the product through online promotion or just good old fashioned word of mouth.

The second group are those who use the score to demonstrate their own credentials in order to promote their own website, business, or blog. To use the same luggage analogy further without wearing it out, a purveyor of high end luggage could demonstrate years of worldwide travel experience by posting the Traxo travel score on his or her website, and tell the customer that yes, we can produce luggage that will be durable for years and end up damaged the second you try to stuff it into an overhead compartment.

The third group are simply the ones who love to compete. These are the ones who love to accrue more mileage points than the next person. The ones who love to be at the front of the line and receive free perks for their dedication.

And because luggage seems to be the word of the day, we will be offering travel perks such as amazingly awesome Briggs & Riley luggage and round trip tickets on South African Airways to the highest scoring travelers. Travelers scoring 80 or above will also have their choice of a free one year subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, a 25 dollar voucher for Avis or Budget car rental, or a free travel insurance policy provided by World Nomads.

Many of our members ask us then, what’s the best way to increase my travel score? And the answer is that it’s simply really, to work yourself up to a high score, and below are a few tips to help you out along the way.

Link additional travel accounts to Traxo. Traxo automatically pulls in trip data booked on over 95 travel websites including: American, Southwest, Continental, Delta, United, US Airways, JetBlue, Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, Starwood, Marriott and Hilton. However, the scoring system only pulls from accounts linked to Traxo, so if you’re currently a member of a rewards program that isn’t linked to Traxo, make sure you go here and link the travel site right away.

Check in using Gowalla. After linking your account to Gowalla, check-ins to your favorite restaurant, bar or any other place also count towards your Travel score.

Add your past trips. If you happened to take a past trip that was not automatically pulled by Traxo, we give you the option of adding them manually here.

Or the easiest way is to simply take more trips. Not that we need any more excuse to travel, but if you do, your travel score will increase. Remember that more recent trips are weighed more heavily, so a person who has traveled frequently and recently will have a higher score than someone who has traveled often, but has been on hiatus for a while. Take myself for example, I haven’t traveled much recently, so my score has dropped from last year, when I was traveling nearly every week or so. However, a planned visit to Asia in the fall may pull my score back up to last year’s levels. It’s an amazingly fun feature, and like all social activities, it’s more fun when you invite friends get in on the action.

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