Traxo travel score uses algorithm to identify travel Explorers, Jetsetters, Conquistadors

We like geeky things here at Traxo. We believe things like statistics, algorithms, and data analysis are the clockwork behind what we know as today’s socially driven internet. To put this belief into action, we’ve just rolled out some new features that we’re really excited about and that we think will be a really nice supplement to the travel sharing features we already have in place. One of them, called the Traxo travel score, will allow each traveler on the Traxo network show off and keep track of his or her own travel “chops.” Traxo travel score

The travel score will allow a traveler to display his or her travel credentials and be identified as a beginner traveler, open to seeing new places and creating new experiences, an intermediate discoverer, open to expanding his or her own unique set of experiences, or a travel guru, expert in all things related to travel, and willing to share these valuable insights with others in the online community.

It’s really a simple concept. The score is based off of an algorithm developed by the ahem, more “mathematically-gifted” members of our development team and takes into account four primary parameters when calculating the score: travel coverage, distance traveled, duration traveled, and account loyalty status achieved. Scores are then individually weighted based on trip verification status and date of travel.

Every traveler is then assigned a travel score from 1 to 100 based on this algorithm, and the score is displayed in the profile of each traveler, along with its associated tier. Tiers rank from Trekker, the greenest of travelers, all the way up to the mighty Conquistador ranking, which is currently comprised of less than the top one percent of all travelers on the Traxo network.

To give you an idea of what this all means, the average “Conquistador” traveler last year has been to 13 countries, 12 states, flown 130,000 miles, spent an amazing 150 days on the road last year, and owns an average of 7 active travel accounts.

If you’re not a hardened road warrior or frequent flyer, there’s no need to be intimidated. Even the middle tiers, full of weekend warriors such as myself, have on average, traveled internationally 1-6 times, been to 3-9 states, flown 8000 to 65,000 miles and have spent anywhere from 10-70 days on the road last year.

Traxo travel scoreTraxo travel score

However, no matter the travel score, everyone will have their own unique travel insights and travel perspective to add to the community (Another tip: you can search for which travelers have made the most trips to each city through the “search destinations” bar through your personal Traxo homepage and seek out these travelers as gurus for each location.)

So to sum up the new feature, the Traxo travel score is a measure of each your travel experience, and the higher the score, the more savvy you become as a traveler. Become a high-ranking member, and your influence on others will see an extraordinary boost.

In addition, you’ll be able to see the travel scores of all your friends in your network, and you’ll be able to see who exactly on your network is really the most seasoned traveler of the bunch. You’ll also be able to search the Traxo network for people like you or people you want to be. In this way, you’ll be able to customize your own travel network to include buddies you like, and buddies with similar travel interests to your own.

Of course, travel experiences are meant to be shared, and we’ve made it simple to share your own travel score and recent travel with easy-to-use widgets that can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. At a glance, now others coming to your own homepage on Traxo or elsewhere, can see the credentials you worked hard to develop, and can instantly recognize your expertise and passion for travel.

Here at the always fiercely competitive Traxo headquarters, we’ve already begun competing for higher Traxo scores. Currently, to no one’s surprise, our founder and CEO Andres Fabris is in the lead, with a score of 85, but some of the other team members are coming at him strong with upcoming summer vacations. Our entire team is having a lot of fun with new feature, and we really hope you simply have fun with it as we have.

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