What does the Traxo travel score mean for travelers? How will it inspire you?

Since the introduction of the Traxo travel score feature a couple days ago, we’ve been really been excited by the enthusiasm our members have shown towards the new feature. In fact, we’ve been seeing a whole flurry of new activity involving Traxo members sharing their scores on their Facebook or Twitter feeds, and we hope this translates into activity among your friends, away from the computer and this digital life we spend so much time in nowadays. So you’re thinking, well just what kind of activity? Below I have listed just a few to get started.

Asking friends for recommendations. Travelers with a higher travel score means they have gone to more places, have spent more days on the road, or are intimately familiar with all the different travel programs out there, and the perks that go along with them.

Motivating yourself to see new places, do something outstanding, or simply go on vacation. Often it seems that those that “have ticket, will travel” are also the ones willing to take a break from routine in their every day lives and take chances, often with big payoffs in the end. Several years ago, I took a job as a manager working in an electronics factory outside of Shanghai. And yes, it was the type of factory that churns out millions of cool gadgets for companies like Dell, HP, and Apple. The job required extensive travel around Asia, but to this day, that experience, working with the foreign workforce, eating every day in the Chinese cafeteria, being involved in the production of our iPads, Blackberrys and other gizmos we use on a daily basis, has changed the way I view society and the global workplace. To quote from a well known book, the world has become just a bit flatter to me.

Writing about your travels, and sharing these experiences with others. There are tons of amazing blogs, travel books, and articles out there with a boatload of valuable knowledge to share. In addition, there are whole communities of active message board, social networks, and forums with friendly members willing to share to anyone with an ear for listening. Seeing the Traxo travel scores of community members will allow you to identify the most credentialed travelers on the internet based on true, verified data. At the same time, it will allow allow you to identify yourself as an experienced traveler on your own travel blog, personal homepage, or Facebook page.

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