Create an automatic log of your travels on Traxo using foursquare and Gowalla

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We’ve all been in this situation before. Regular office-cooler chit chat with a friend turns to the popular subject of travels and the conversation typically goes something like this:

“Oh wow, when are you going to Barcelona?”
“Next week with my husband. We’re both so excited, it’s our two year wedding anniversary.”
“That’s so awesome. You know, I was just there last year with Alice. There’s a really beautiful place right on the beach that has the best paella I’ve ever tasted.”
“The best?”
“The best.”
“Remember the name of the place?”
“I forget, but I do remember there’s a cool leaning, tower type of sculpture on the beach nearby. Hold on, let me find it for you real quick on my phone”

**Fumbles with phone for a good minute.**

“Tell you what, just text me the place when you find it”

Of course, we all have that one friend, with the near photographic memory of every place she’s ever been and the names of the people who were with her at every one of those places over the last ten years. But for most of us, whose minds are filled with other things, like school stuff, work stuff, or inane sports or pop culture trivia, keeping a mental note of all the places we’ve been is a taxing enough job for our brains to handle.

That’s why Traxo, by integrating with foursquare and Gowalla, has now made it easy to keep track of the places you’ve been, organized automatically trip by trip, date by date. You can throw that old tattered moleskin with jotted travel notes out the window (or in my case, crumpled receipts and cocktail napkins). More after the break.

It’s widely known that the check-in features that foursquare and Gowalla offer are pretty amazing. . . especially when you’re on vacation. There’s no better way to let your cronies at the office know what a great time you’re having in sunny Rio, while they sit in on the weekly ten AM TPS review call with Carl in Atlanta.

“Andrew just checked into the Awesomely Sunny Brunch Shop on the Beach in Rio de Janeiro and earned the ‘Haha suckas! My life rules!” badge on foursquare”

And now, by linking your Traxo account to foursquare or Gowalla on the connect new site page, Traxo will automatically start logging these awesomely fun trips on the fly, and sort them by time and itinerary.

You can see the travels our Traxo marketing VP Nelson documented here, as he logged his recent trips to Spain and France through foursquare, compiling a sorted date-by-date record of his travels on Traxo in the process, and most importantly of all, showed us other plebes sitting in the office how really un-awesome it is to not be platinum.

gowalla foursquare traxo tripit

“Past and future check-ins from Gowalla and Foursquare . . .”

gowalla foursquare traxo tripit trip log

“. . . are organized neatly and automatically on Traxo”

In addition to Gowalla and foursquare integration, Traxo also now lets you import trip details from TripIt. It’s the same process for linking your accounts to Traxo, just go to the connect new site page and click on the TripIt link to start importing your TripIt itineraries.

Lastly, there’s still no better way to figure out that who that office person we love to hate (sorry Nelson, still love ya) is than from his or her Travel Score. Log-ins from foursquare and Gowalla, and imported trips from TripIt all count towards increasing your score. So in addition to the tips we’ve provided in the past, this is a whole new way to increase your score, get some perks, and get some bragging rights.