Increase Traxo Travel Score by linking Gowalla, foursquare, TripIt

past trip traxo foursqure gowalla tripit

A lot of our users have been clamoring for new and faster ways to increase their travel score as quickly as possible. We’re really excited to announce that you can now get credit for your past trips by linking your Gowalla, foursquare, and TripIt accounts to your Traxo account. We’re big fans of all three services and have dedicated users of all three right here at Traxo.

What this means is that perhaps you took a trip to San Diego and San Francisco last year, with your itinerary stored on the immensely useful travel organizer TripIt. Along the way, you checked-in at a few different stops on your smartphone using foursquare or Gowalla. After linking to Tripit, foursquare, or Gowalla in the connect new site page in the Travel Sites dropdown, Traxo will now pull data from your linked accounts and add these past trips to your history. This will then give you a boost in score that more accurately represents your own travel experience.

In addition, Traxo will organize and log these trips by date and time, so that you will always have a handy record of your past travels. . . even if you forget about them yourself.

And since you’ve already linked these accounts, you’ll receive credit automatically and your Travel Score will change accordingly for any future check-ins on foursquare and Gowalla, or for any trips stored on TripIt.

And keep in mind that the higher the Traxo Travel Score you earn, the more perks you may receive, among a host of other reasons for striving toward a higher score. Judging from the activity on my Facebook feed, there are many of you who aren’t shy at all about announcing your been-to locations using the foursquare and Gowalla check-in services. Finally, there’s a way for you gain credit for these hard-earned experiences within your score. Remember that every check-in gets you just a little bit closer to most accurately representing your overall travel expertise and increasing your travel score.

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