Traxo adds Travel Leaderboards, see the top ranked travelers in the world

Traxo leaderboards Travel Score

Since the introduction of the travel score, we’ve been enthusiastically gauging the reactions of our members. One comment that we’ve received from our users is that while it was easy to see the scores of your existing buddies on Traxo, there didn’t exist one place to go where you could see the top travelers across the entire network.

We’ve addressed these comments and now allow you to see the top scoring travelers in the world through our new Traxo Leaderboard feature. There are four new travel leaderboards we are announcing today: highest travel score, total countries visited, total states visited, and total number of travel loyalty accounts linked.

The debut of the Traxo leaderboard is truly a milestone, because for the first time ever, you can see how you stack up against virtually, the most-seasoned travelers in the world. Our data-harvesting technology allows us to verify each metric according to actual, confirmed travel reservations rather than self-reported claims. Our top travelers are the real deal, and are backed by real travel credentials.

So what exactly is a top traveler? Well, we see from the top of the Leaderboards that our top nine travelers have already each made validated visits to 20 different countries, seven of our travelers have traveled to more than half the U.S. states, and 34 of our travelers have linked more than 20 of their travel accounts. In fact the most experienced travelers on Traxo have already taken verified trips to 30 different countries, have visited 34 different states, and have linked 34 different travel loyalty accounts. We encourage you to peruse the Leaderboard and see if you or any of your buddies rank among the top ranked travelers.

Still don’t see your name yet? Here’s one simple thing you can do to increase your travel metrics and improve you chances of making it onto the Leaderboards. Simply linking your travel accounts – it’s the easiest way to increase your tallies. Just make sure all the sites you use to book your travel are linked via the “Connect New Site” tab.

Just a reminder that only public profiles are shown, so if you think you deserve a spot on the leaderboard, but don’t see yourself up there, just flip your trophy and profile settings to “public” and boom! You should appear. Rankings are updated daily so you’ll always know where you currently stand.

Our top travelers are admittedly a motley bunch. Represented within this group are self-starting entrepreneurs, corporate road warriors, weekend revelers, well-traveled expats, among others. However, the one thing they have in common is a true passion for travel, and this is why we are committed to building the most valuable and trusted community of travelers on the Internet .

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