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Traxo Debuts Mobile White-labeling at GBTA 2015

GBTA 2015 in Orlando was buzzing with excitement last month! With over 6,000 attendees, including Kevin Bacon and Steve Wozniak headlining as keynote speakers, it was the place to be in Corporate Travel. It was especially exciting for the Traxo team, coming on the heels of our two big announcements: the launch of our new white label mobile app, and our recent integration partnership with Cornerstone Information Systems. Our booth was humming non-stop with guests interested in demos of the suite of Traxo for Business solutions, from email parsing to itinerary management and data aggregation services to the slick new white label mobile app.

After attending a number of fantastic panel discussions, the hottest topics this year seemed to be mobile solutions, virtual payments, and (no surprise) itinerary data aggregation. Mobility was the front-runner, though, and with over 19 vendors providing various mobility solutions, it’s clear that the industry continues to seek solutions to their challenges in a mobile-driven world.

ACME_homepage_hero_640x888The new Traxo for Business white label mobile app squares perfectly with this need, enabling TMCs and their clients to directly incorporate ALL of the traveler’s bookings (both on & off platform) into a single itinerary management app, using their own brand. This solves a major problem for TMCs in particular, since it allows them to build on the brand relationship directly with the traveler, instead of sending them off to a competing third-party app.

The ever-popular “Open Booking” conundrum was still a large part of the conversation. Panel discussions on the “Open Booking” topic were very insightful, and it seems that the industry has definitely evolved from completely rejecting the premise to accepting that out-of-program bookings are a part of corporate travel and here to stay. To some, open booking is a strategy; to others it’s a remedy.TraxoBoothGBTA2015Orlando-1

At Traxo for Business, we believe that TMCs can effectively address leakage without promoting “Open Booking”. By helping capture the out of program booking data, and providing it to the TMC however they want or need to consume it, we ultimately give the Travel Manager complete, proactive visibility into the bookings they don’t see today. We don’t want you to love open booking; we just want to help you hate it a little bit less!

In connection with this we are forming partnerships with a range of travel technology companies to seamlessly integrate data into the TMC workflow, and provide a complete solution for capturing out-of-program and off-platform booking data. Working with mid-office solutions like Agency Technology and TMC partners like Travel and Transport, we’re hard at work identifying new ways to solve the data challenges that frustrate everyone, from the traveler to the Travel Manager to the agents tasked with supporting their clients. We are extremely excited about these partnerships and what the future holds!

Overall GBTA 2015 was an awesome event, actually probably the best of the 14 that I have attended over the years. It’s the perfect forum for checking out the new technology that will continue to shape and change the travel industry as we know it. The team here at Traxo for Business looks forward to helping define that future. Stay tuned for more to come!

Add Travel Plans to Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal

On top of meetings, appointments, chores, and everything else organized in your calendar, keeping track of your trips can be a time-consuming, if unpleasant task. After a while, things turn into a unappealing mess of itineraries, trip confirmations, confirmation numbers, rescheduled dates, and email after email after email. And it’s your job to separate the few useful emails from the ones touting your favorite carrier’s new fall getaways to the Caribbean. And in the end, you’re still always doing the same search of your email inbox twelve hours before your flight to confirm flight times and grab that flight confirmation number that you failed to jot down the first time. So take a deep breath. We have a solution for you. And if you already have a Traxo account, it will take less than a minute of your time.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.39.43 PM







You can now automatically keep your Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iPhone calendar, Lotus Notes, or iCal calendars up to date by subscribing to the iCal feed by clicking the ‘Add to Calendar’ link in your settings page.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 09.52.39






Just paste the feed URL into the subscription window of the calendar program of choice–iCal and Google Calendar being two favorites—and let Traxo do the rest. Your itinerary information, including flight number, departure and arrival times, airport info, and confirmation numbers are displayed right on your calendar. It’s such a simple, yet brilliant tool. You no longer have to go searching through your email inbox in a desperate search for this information before your flight.

Or if you’re already organizationally inclined, you no longer have to enter your flight information manually every time you book a new trip. Just keep in mind that only trips made on accounts linked to Traxo will be displayed and updated automatically using the iCal feed, so in order to get all of your trips organized, be sure to take a minute and link all the travel accounts that you regularly use to book your travels to your Traxo account on your account page. It’s all done automatically. And the best part is that your travel info is always with you, easily accessible on your phone or computer, at home or on the road.

Traxo 4 is here.

traxo4_email_headerTraxo is dedicated to bring you the best travel tools possible. We’ve listened to your needs, and for the past several months the team has re-designed the Traxo experience from the ground up to be even more fluid, responsive and adaptive.  But we’re not done yet!  With your help, Traxo will become essential to traveling for business or leisure. Welcome to Traxo 4. All of the same features you’ve come to rely on, with many more to come, in a whole new experience.

Clearer itineraries 1  - Itineraries - Web Width

Your travel events are now sorted into cards across the web, iOS, and Android apps. Click on a card to expand it, and find the most important information up front.

Smarter trip maps 2 - Trip Maps - Web Width

Your trips are now smarter. Check out the new trip map, which connects all of your itinerary reservations and check-ins in one route.

Share a reservation, or an entire trip 

3 - Sharing - Web Width Your ride from the airport or your pals on Facebook can now easily view any portion or all of your trip, in two clicks. Open the menu of any trip or card, and click Share.

Loyalties accounted 4 - Accounts - Web Width

Points, transaction histories, account numbers, support contact information, and expiration dates all now converge on a single, easy to use card for each of your loyalty accounts.

Co-workers to co-conspirators 5 - Connections - Web Width

Never travel alone. With the brand new Travel Timeline, Connections list, and clearer trip privacy features, Traxo makes it easy to keep up with traveling colleagues and friends so you can connect on the road (or not).

Find anything 6 - Universal Search - Web Width

In Traxo 4, just click ‘Search’ to find anything in your trips, reservations, accounts, or your connections. Numbers, addresses, or past trips are easily surfaced.  If you’re an active traveler, like we are, this becomes essential to quickly finding and sharing past events in your long and storied travel history.

Leave feedback  7 - Feedback - Web Width

Missing something from Traxo 3? Have an idea of how to improve Traxo 4? Tell us by clicking Feedback in your main menu. You can also switch back to Traxo 3 at any time by clicking the banner at the top.   These are just a few of the improvements in Traxo 4, and many more are arriving soon. While the finishing touches are still in the works, we invite you to join in, explore, and provide feedback.   Already a member?  Login. New member can start for free, here.

Traxo adds flight status with iOS app v1.06

Over the past several years there’s one feature that nearly everyone who uses Traxo can agree would be valuable. With the release of v1.06 of the Traxo iPhone app, you’ll know if you flight is On Time, Delayed, or Cancelled just by looking up your flight card.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.14.34 AM

With a simple pull-to-refesh action, your status will be updated as the status of the flight changes.









Traxo has partnered with FlightStats to deliver flight status, for free, to every Traxo user. Some other apps charge for this feature.

Additionally, trip flags have also been added for a bit of color and context to your trips.

Enjoy the latest version, and let us know how you like it!






Welcome to Traxo Rob!



Rob Friedman, Chief Commercial Officer

Traxo is pleased to announce the hiring of Rob Friedman, longtime friend, Traxo user and trusted advisor.  Previously, Rob served as VP of Marketing for American Airlines.  In that role, he led the recent transformation of American’s brand and customer experience, helping to achieve record revenue and profits and providing a strong foundation for the merger with US Airways.

As Traxo Inc. CEO Andres Fabris puts it, “Rob’s world-class expertise using travel data to solve major industry challenges and provide meaningful insights, together with his focus on the end-to-end customer experience, is a huge asset for Traxo and will greatly benefit both our corporate partners and our travelers.”

Rob joins Traxo at a critical time for the company. Having just launched Traxo for Business, and Traxo Factor (including Traxo Hotels), Rob is poised to help lead Traxo into the next phase of the business in both B2B and B2C efforts.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such an innovative company that’s so well-positioned to solve some of the largest challenges in travel,” said Rob.  “I’ve spent the majority of my career working on ways to effectively deploy technology and data to improve the experience for travelers, and the opportunity to do that in creative new ways here at Traxo directly and for our corporate partners is really exciting.”

Welcome to Traxo Rob!

Read the full press release:




Earn 3x True Blue points on travel to/from DC this summer.

Flying in or out of DC this summer? If so, you’ll earn THREE times the TrueBlue points on all JetBlue Washington-National flights when you register and book by July 29 for travel June 19 through August 30, 2014.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can earn 3x points during this period. Just register and book on with your TrueBlue number.

Details and Registration 

Up to 100,000 Bonus Miles on AA between US and Asia.


Travel on American’s new nonstop service between Dallas/Fort Worth and Hong Kong or Dallas/Fort Worth and Shanghai, China, or between Chicago O’Hare and Shanghai – and earn bonus miles along the way. When you book eligible travel, you’ll earn up to 25,000 AAdvantage® bonus miles per round-trip flight.


Registration and Details 



Weekly Roundup May 19th

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Welcome to Traxo Jeff!