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Office Hours: Balancing Traveler Safety, Security and Privacy

Posted by Jack Roney on July 20, 2020

On July 15, 2020, Traxo held its latest Travel Managers Office Hours event, Balancing Traveler Safety, Security and Privacy. Moderated by Chad Costa, the webinar featured two prominent corporate travel duty of care and data privacy industry experts. Bruce McIndoe, President/Founder of WorldAware and Sterling Miller, author, keynote speaker - currently Senior Counsel at Hilgers Graben.

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China, Coronavirus, Corporate Travel and Duty of Care

Posted by Cara Whitehill on February 5, 2020

If your CEO or head of risk management walked into your office today and asked you how many employees recently traveled to China, and hence could be at risk for exposure to coronavirus, how confident are you of your answer?

The swift outbreak of the coronavirus across China and beyond has underscored how important it is for travel managers to have immediate, comprehensive access to data about their employees’ travel activity -- including bookings made directly with airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers (or, “leakage”), which aren't visible via TMC reports. These blind spots in travel data present a serious duty of care risk for both companies and employees.

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Traxo and Data Privacy: FAQs

Posted by Cara Whitehill on November 7, 2019

We frequently get questions from prospective clients regarding data privacy and security, and how Traxo's services meet legal requirements for both areas. For corporate travel managers seeking to understand their booking blindspots, we've compiled some of the most common questions and our responses, which can be shared with internal legal and IT teams.

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